Today there is already existing a multi-billion Dollar market in 3D industries: 3D scanning, 3D data processing and 3D Printing.

But there is one thing that will become even bigger than we all can imagine today: Social VR!

Since Mark Zuckerberg decided that „social VR is the next BIG THING for Facebook“ the race to catch the Holy Gral already began.
As an investor of 3D SAFE Corp. you will participate in the most promising companies to enter this huge market!


With their proprietary 3D scan technology and a huge license portfolio of celebrities from all over the world STARAMBA is our base investment in the 3D market. The 3D INSTAGRAPH(R)  is able to create perfect lifelike 3D avatars. All relevant football clubs and a huge number of stars from music and entertainment trust in the STARAMBA technology and make STARAMBA the #1 worldwide! With The world’s biggest library of 3D avatars of celebrities our investment in STARAMBA is invaluable.

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memento 3D

While we look into the future of the social VR as a „second life 2.0“ we know: Adult content was the most successfull content in the second life era. Nobody was able to generate more income than the publishers of erotic content. That’s why we expect to see  Memento 3D with all its adult stars as a cash cow for our investors.

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SOCIAL VR GmbH | Berlin

The holy grail for Facebook (owners of Oculus) is not games, but something much, much bigger: a three dimensional virtual Facebook homepage, essentially your virtual home in cyberspace!

Supporting Mark:  social VR GmbH is developing VR and AR solutions for a next-generation Facebook and will help Facebook to make their social VR successful:  Lifelike  avatars of famous people from sports & entertainment including artificial intelligence are able to attract the crowds.

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0With 3D Safe Corp. you can benefit from many advantages as an investor.

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